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Reversing Sensors

Reversing Sensors

AMACUK can offer you a mobile fitting service of Front parking and Rear Reversing sensors 'we com to you',we cover most areas in the UK but our main area of coverage is the South East of England including Kent,Sussex,Surrey,Essex and London please contact us if you would like a quotation. 

Reversing sensors allow you to park and manoeuvre your Vehicle in tight spots and small spaces like multi storey car parks in safety,these sensors detect obstacles and other vehicles behind or in front of your vehicle and alert the you with either a series of bleeps or a visual display so that you do not damage your car. 

Amacuk can install reversing sensors to your vehicle whether it is new or used,we offer a range ofsensors from the traditional audible alert or a combined display and these reversing sensors can be fitted to the front or rear of your vehicle offering you complete parking control.

Reversing sensors fitted to your vehicle provides safety for children,pedestrians,low objects like thoses annoying car park bollards and animals,giving you peace of mind when manoeuvring in those tight and congested areas.

Reversing Sensors how they work

Here is a short explanation on how our parking sensors actually work for you.
Our Reversing sensors unit is powered off of the reversing lights electrical circuit in the vehicle so can only be activated when reverse gear is selected.
The system adopts ultrasonic wave sensors to measure the distance between your vehicle and the obstacles that are behind or infront of the vehicle (if front sensors are fitted).

When you are reversing in one of those tight situations and you are getting close to an obstacle an audible bleeper which we will install inside your vehicle will start to sound,the bleeper will start sounding with a series of short bleeps which will increase in intensity as you move your vehicle closer to the obstacle.
When your vehicle is approximately 25cm (10 inches) from the obstacle the bleeps will become constant and this is your warning it is time to STOP !
The result is that the driver of the vehicle knows exactly where the rear of the vehicle is in relation to an obstacle.

Our front parking sensors unit is wired in such a way that when ever you

switch the ignition on so is the parking control system. The front parking system works on the same principle as the reversing sensors the visual display unit shows bars when coming together as you get closer to the obstacle.
At any time the front sensor unit can be de-activated by an on/off switch mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Do you need reversing sensrors ?

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