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Parking Sensors

Parking assitance devices

Here at AMACUK we are able to offer a supply an installation service for Parking Distance Sensors, Reversing Cameras, Park Distance Control and Parking Aids for cars, motorhomes, caravans and commercial vehicles including vans and trucks.

We offer this service to both our retail customers and to the Motor Trade so if you require any of these Vehicle aids fitted to your vehicle or if your buying a new car from another dealer please contact us or get your suppling dealer to contact us and we will be only to pleased to give you a quotation.

We offer a mobile service so we come to you at your home,place of work or we can do the installation at your new vehicle supplier.

Now that there are more and more vehicles on our busy roads and streets parking spaces are at a premium and they appear to get smaller or is it our cars have got bigger !

How often have you tried to park or overlooked that small/tight parking space for fear of damaging yours or the other vehicles either side of that small parking space.

Now thanks to modern day advanced technology say goodbye to scrapes bumps scuffs or dents to your bumpers,we here at AMACUK can offer you the new parking distance sensor/camera systems for the front or rear of your vehicle making those days of problem parking a thing of the bygone era.

Our prices start from as little as £159 for a set of 4 Parking Sensors.
Vehicle specific colour coding to the sensors is available for an additional £20 (please quote your vehicles paint colour and colour code).
There is also the optional LCD display which can be fitted for an additional £20.

Reversing Cameras
Most of todays cars, vans and motorhomes don't have the luxury of a built in camera but we can offer you for a very reasonable price a colour camera system fitted to your car,commercial vehicle,motorhome or caravan.

So if parking sensors are not enough then let AMACUK supply and install a system that includes a reversing camera to give you a better field of vision  behind you with a viewing angle ranging from 110 degrees to a full 180 degrees there is not much you will not miss.

It makes a huge amount of difference to your rear field of vision especially to those blind areas at the lower part of your vehicle and will make you more confident in parking in those tight and busy car parking areas such as schools and supermarket car parks.

There are severall types of unit that we can install but our most poular unit is the 3.5 inch colour screen model which has excellent clarity.

Prices for these units start from £199 supplied and installed please contact us if you require further information.

Please Note:

But neither Parking Sensors nor reversing backup cameras are foolproof. The systems are highly reliable, but extreme weather conditions such as fog, snow, heavy rain, or even sun glare can reduce their effectiveness. Don't rely on the devices alone; use them to enhance your driving skills. Nothing replaces driver responsibility and good sense.

Parking Distance Sensors

Parking Distance Sensors make parking easier by measuring the distance between the vehicle and obstacles at the front and rear.
It is the driver, however, who maintains full responsibility for parking,
The system consists of four ultrasonic sensors installed into the rear bumper.
When reverse gear is engaged, the system switches itself on automatically, if the vehicle approaches an obstacle, a series of acoustic signals sound.
The interval between the signals becomes shorter as the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle.
When the distance is less than 30cm, the signal is continuous.

Note, if the you are going to fit a tow bar, rear carrier, bike carrier etc then thsi can cause a system malfunction.

The Safety Issue !!

This is an extract of the findings of a study carried out by the  university of huddersfield into reversing accidents in the uk found that one quarter of all fatalities involving vehicles at work occurred while the vehicle was reversing, and over 90% of reversing accidents occurred off-road in car parks, private roads and drive ways.
Reversing of vehicles at work causes 64 deaths per year in the uk, so it is a risk which must be taken seriously.
The Times newspaper reports that the number of children who are injured in parking accidents is now equal to the number of children killed in road accidents.
The health and safety executive statistics show that nearly 25% of all deaths involving vehicles at work in the uk occur during a reversing manoeuvre.
This worrying statistic is borne out by a number of studies undertaken at the university of huddersfield, and by others in both the transport sector and the insurance industry, which reveal that approximately one-third of all reported fleet accidents occur when vehicles are reversing.
For a variety of reasons, the majority of these accidents go unreported at government and company level, which means that there is no comprehensive and authoritative data on the problem. 
A key point is that many reversing accidents occur away from public roads. official road accident statistics show that only 2% of commercial vehicle accidents involve reversing, but estimates from the insurance industry suggest that accidents whilst reversing are at least ten times more frequent than this.
As a result of this data shortfall, the issue receives little attention and very few measures or interventions aimed specifically at reducing the number of reversing accidents are implemented.
There is, however, a great deal that policy-makers and industry could do to reduce the scale of the problem.


Parking Sensors/Reverse Sensor

Parking Sensors/Aids

PARKING SENSORS SPECIAL OFFER FROM ONLY £159 FITTED,We can supply and fit Parking Sensors/Park Assist/Reversing Cameras/Reversing Aids to most makes of Cars and Vans we offer a complete mobile fitting service so we can arrange with you to fit your Parking Sensors at your home or place of work and at a time that suits you.Prices start from £159 call now for a quotation.

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